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PowerStory - A better way to define requirements within TFS

Aug 4, 2012 at 2:50 PM


Having used TFS for requirements definition as CTO to build Blueprint's requirements definition product, I was able to see first hand what TFS is good at and where the gaps are in terms of TFS's support for Requirements Definition.  

As a result of these learnings I decided to start PowerStory with two main goals:

  1. Make TFS better at requirements definition
  2. Enhance the tools that most requirements authors like to use -> MS Office

To this end my team created PowerStory, which is a PowerPoint Plugin that enables requirements authors to define Use Cases and evolve them into UI Storyboards directly within PowerPoint.  In addition PowerStory will generate test cases including UI Mockups, and save them in TFS for each valid path through the main flow and alternate flow combinations defined in the Use Case/ UI Storyboard.  These Test Cases will be automatically traced to their corresponding requirements work item such as a PBI, Story, Requirement etc.  In addition PowerStory allows you to attach your PowerPoint file to a workitem from within PowerPoint.

The value this approach brings:

  1. Your team will not longer waste time and budget keeping separate deliverables such as Use Cases, UI Mockups, UI Storyboards and Test Cases, in sync so they communicate the same requirements.  Because PowerStory combines the Use Case with UI Mockups and Storyboards as one deliverable and also generates test cases, things are kept in sync automatically.
  2. You will save significant project time and budget by generating test cases from your Use Cases/UI Storyboards, as this will represent the vast majority of the test cases you will need.
  3. Your team will not introduce the typical translation errors that happen when Use Cases are tuned into UI Storyboards and then in to Test Cases.  This will avoid a tremendous amount of project re-work.
  4. By making it much easier to attach and update attachments to TFS workitems, your TFS requirements repository will be much more up to date, keeping the team in sync.

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Martin Crisp

CEO - PowerStory